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Cooking Oil Deliveries

If you are in the catering industry in Scotland you will work with large amounts of oil products in your cooking. You will then be in need of a professional and reputable oil suppliers. With Infinity Oils, you have come to the right place for reliable cooking oil deliveries.

We have been providing our customers with fresh oil and collecting their waste for many years now. We work very hard to make sure that our services suit all of our customers. We think of our customers as individuals to ensure the best service.

We operate our oil supply service throughout the whole of Scotland including Ayrshire, Fife and Tayside.

Our services are used all over Scotland by many businesses in the catering trade. These include; pubs, restaurants, cafés and hotels. We can supply the smallest restaurant in Scotland to the biggest hotel. We work hard to customise our services to suit both.

Fresh Vegetable Oil Deliveries

We are able to deliver direct to your door. We can deliver small or large quantities at a time that suits you. Our fresh cooking oil is supplied in 20 litres.

Rapeseed Oil

Our vegetable Rapeseed oil is made from crushed rapeseed by pressing and extraction. Rapeseed oil has many uses and is particularly suited for baking, frying and salads.

Rapeseed oil has the lowest saturated fat of any culinary oil and less than half that of Olive Oil.

How we deliver

We always deliver at a time to suit you and have regular services available should you need them. We can deliver from 40 litres to 1000 litres at a time and always make sure your kitchen is ready to cook.

  • Plastic bottle in a box
  • Tin cans

This way of thinking has allowed us to become the leading independent supplier of oil in Scotland. We offer a very professional and reliable service so that our customers never go wanting or waiting for their oil.

We enjoy creating working relationships with our customers that last a lifetime. Our oils are the freshest around and our services mirror their freshness. If you are looking for an oil supplier that does things your way rather then theirs, you have come to the right place.

If you have any questions about our oil delivery services then please do feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.