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Used Cooking Oil Recycling in Perth and Dundee

Although it's not a new concept, more of us are realising the benefits of recycling used cooking oil. Businesses in the catering industry, such as restaurants, cafes and hotels use a lot of cooking oil; the remaining waste cooking oil ends up being thrown away. Some of these practices are unnecessary an eventually lead to uneconomical practices. 

The faster you deal with this problem, the better you save the environment and save on costs.

Infinity Oils operates with the sole aim of saving the environment, saving costs for businesses, and improving sustainability. We specialise in collecting used fats and oils from the catering industry and clean it to minimise the negative impact of this oil to the environment.

frying chips and fries inside a fryer

The method of collection is simple: we supply hygienic collection containers of up to 1,000 litres to businesses where they place their waste oils and fats to us to collect at regular intervals. Our reliable and efficient services are available in Perth and Dundee. If required, we can also supply fresh rapeseed and vegetable oil to restaurants, hotel, cafes and more.

If you are wondering what benefits you could accrue from recycling cooking oils, here are some of the benefits that have been proven reliable in recycling cooling oil:

i. It is cost effective as when you recycle the oil; disposing oil that is recyclable is also very wasteful and it causes losses in the long run.

ii. Disposing recyclable oil incorrectly affects the environment adversely. Solidified oil can reduce the amount of oxygen in ponds and rivers, suffocating wildlife.

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